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1926 Peace Silver Dollar GOD High Relief

Category: Peace Silver Dollar

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1926 Peace Silver Dollar GOD High Relief

The 1926 Peace Dollar is the only year in the series where the word GOD has a higher relief than any other word on the coin. This was no accident since releases prior to 1926 and after 1926 didn't have this modification. No one knows for sure how or why this change was made but someone modified the master die for the 1926 on purpose. Perhaps a sign from God? Historians think it was most likely a rogue Mint® employee who modified the 1926 master die. During 1925 the famous Scopes Trial was going on. In Tennessee it was illegal to teach evolution in publicly funded schools, called the Butler Act. A teacher named John Scopes challenged this law by teaching evolution in his classroom. This did not go unnoticed and Scopes was arrested and charged with violating the Butler Act. The trial attracted national attention as the nation saw this trial as religion vs evolution. Remember, this national coverage was going on right before the U.S. Mint® was getting ready to start minting the 1926 coinage. The perfect cat

Year 1926
Mint Mark
Strike MS
Variety GOD High Relief
Grading Agency
Specification properties No
Status Active
Designation -

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